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A schoolboy from the Amur Region won the All-Russian competition in Moscow. For the trip he was fined by his teacher

The school did not want to give money for a business trip and did not seek a replacement teacher.

Photo «Amur.Info»
Photo «Amur.Info»

A teacher from the village of Muravyovka (Amurskaya Oblast) Victoria Myasnikova received a reprimand for her trip to the All-Russian competition in Moscow. She accompanied her student, who won first place and entered the list of gifted children in Russia.

The eleventh-grader Dmitry Snezhkov won in the nomination “Seas and Oceans” in the water contest, which is a part of the Stockholm Junior Water Prize. The schoolboys have been included in the list of gifted children of Russia, he will also receive a monthly scholarship of 20 thousand rubles.

Despite the victory of the student, the teacher told that she was reprimanded and disciplined for truism of 10,000 rubles from the salary. According to Myasnikova, the school was dissatisfied with the fact that in her absence there were no lessons, although she asked to find a teacher for a replacement.

I did not do as they want, when they made me apologize to the team. Because, as they said, “while I was walking around Moscow, the teachers conducted lessons.” Not my lessons. Nobody was teaching my lessons. At the same time, other teachers did not understand why I should apologize.

Victoria Myasnikova

As the teacher said , in early April the money for the trip was transferred from the regional department of education, but at school they refused to buy tickets to the schoolchild and send her on a business trip. Myasnikov was also tried to leave on vacation at that time, so as not to pay his salary. With money for tickets, organizers of the All-Russian competition helped.

When the teacher returned from Moscow, she was forced to write an explanatory and apologize for absenteeism. According to Myasnikova, her colleagues did not support the demand of the school and took her side. In late May, she wants to go with the student to another all-Russian competition, but doubts that she will be released.

The head of the district, Nikolai Zmushko, confirmed that there are questions to the work of Myasnikova because of the failure of the program and the preparation of other schoolchildren. He added that next week they will come to the school from the department of education and will understand the situation. The director of the Muraviov school refused to comment.

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