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A popular blogger-otaku was fired from two jobs after the bosses discovered his Twitter

An anime fan Melon pan worked in a large Swiss financial holding company UBS, as well as in the DHL delivery service.

The Swiss otaku Melon pan regularly uploads sexy cosplay, parodies of anime scenes on her Youtube channel and on Twitter, and sometimes just runs around the street dressed as Japanese schoolgirls and maids.

The blogger was sure that his hobby was not a secret for anyone, but his boss did not know exactly how his subordinate spends his time. Melonpan wrote in his tweet:

The boss stumbled upon my twitter and the end of the campaign. I thought everyone already knew about me. Do I have to delete my account? Looking for a new job? This is problem.

Melon pan

Numerous fans supported Melon pan and asked not to delete Twitter at all. After a lot of similar comments Melon pan finally moved to the side of boundless love for anime.
Thank you all for your kind words. It’s decided! I’d rather be unemployed, but I’ll continue my perverted path. I understand that uploading this kind of photos casts a shadow on my employer, but I can not do anything about myself. Switzerland – a free country for perverts!

After a while Melon pan settled in DHL, but there the first working day for him was the last because of complaints.

Melon pan now proudly carries its banner of this anime.

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