10 tips for iOS 11.3 that can not be skipped

After months of beta testing, the long-awaited final version of iOS 11.3 was released, which today is not easy, but even the owners of iPhone 5s and 6 have to install – it works just fine .

Interestingly, the third big update of the operating system this time will not be the last one before its next version – iOS 12. We are just waiting for more and iOS 11.4, the beginning of testing which is not far off.

Immediately after the release of the final version of iOS 11.3, we switched to it with the whole editorial board and collectively collected 10 useful tips * that will help to use it most effectively.

* Please note, some tips are relevant not only specifically for iOS 11.3, but for iOS 11 in general

1. Check the condition of the iPhone’s battery

Like: Settings> Battery> Battery status (only available on iPhone 6 and above)

At the end of last year, the network reported that Apple is slowing down the old iPhone, the battery life of which is coming to its logical conclusion.

First we took it as a duck, but checked the data and made sure that Apple’s smartphones with old batteries work much slower than new ones.

As a result, the manufacturer admitted that it limited the frequency of the processor, so that life-seeing batteries could cope with the load – especially in the cold. To calm the negative of users about this, Apple has added the battery control function in iOS 11.3.

In the Settings> Battery> Battery Status menu, you can check the wear on your iPhone’s battery, determine the need to replace it and turn off the forced deceleration of the smartphone if iOS finds it not sufficiently fresh.

2. Be sure to try out the new Animogi

How: Messages> Animodzi

Owners of the iPhone X, who have already upgraded to iOS 11.3, can already try the new Animoji set, which consists of 4 re-animated heads:

  • The Dragon
  • Bear
  • Skull
  • a lion

Their use is no different from those that were available before.

Unfortunately, the owners of the iPhone 8 and other smartphones without the front module True Depth never got the opportunity to fully use the Animodzhi – they can only receive them.

3. Open the music videos from Apple Music again

How: Music> Overview> Video Clips

Along with iOS 11.3, Apple decided to launch a massive expansion on YouTube on music videos and make Apple Music the only correct way to view them.

The clips were in Apple Music before, but now the company will promote them not just as an addition to music, but as full-fledged content deserving close attention.

For this, Apple has allocated for them a separate section through which you can not only access music videos, but also add to your library entire playlists with clips for every taste.

We hope that this will encourage young and talented performers to concentrate not only on music, but also on video.

4. Get ready for a new wave of AR-software

How: App Store> Applications> Applications with AR

iOS 11.3 supports ARKit 1.5 – the new version of the proprietary engine of the augmented reality of Apple, which is designed to run applications that actively use elements of the world around them.

The updated ARKit can use a binding not only to horizontal, but also to vertical surfaces. With it, you can place virtual objects on the floor or desk, or on doors or walls.

Moreover, the new engine now recognizes not only the right objects with straight angles (square or rectangular), but objects of absolutely any shape.

All this expands the boundaries of the work of augmented reality, which developers are beginning to use. Given the long period of testing iOS 11.3, in the near future we should expect a new boom of AR-applications, which can and should be monitored through the corresponding section of the App Store.

5. Read the software reviews before buying

How: App Store> Any Program> Ratings & Feedback> Sorting

Already with the release of iOS 11 it became clear that Apple heard our pleas and took up the App Store. First, the company rethought its appearance and structure, and also created the “Today” section with the most current recommendations of the moderators.

And with the release of iOS 11.3, the company offers us to use a critical approach when downloading programs and games from the application store – actively investigating user reviews along and across.

Now you have the ability to sort reviews by utility, time, and also to divide positive and negative. The first in this case will help to learn about the strengths of the application, and the latter – about the weak.

We will definitely use this when writing reviews on programs and games to supplement your opinion about them public.

6. Find out the update size for applications

How: App Store> Updates

I’m sure everyone faced with too long downloading updates for programs or games from the App Store – at this time they can not be used, so you just have to wait, wait and wait again.

For example, recently, my colleagues and I wanted to try everything together in PUBG , but I decided to update it first. More than 900 MB on a weak Internet downloaded for too long – I could not run with a team of like-minded people.

And all because I had no idea how much the update weighs – there was no information about this in the App Store.

With iOS 11.3 in the application store, the version of the application build is updated when the update is downloaded, as well as its volume. Pleasant trifle.

7. Move applications around the screen in batches

How: Do a long press on any application on the home screen> Drag it from its place> Touch the programs that you want to move with it with a bundle

As it turned out, many users do not know that with the release of iOS 11, you can move application shortcuts on your home screen not just one by one, but by packs – this was recently written about by Nikita , and I brazenly steal a fragment of his guide.

  • On the iPhone desktop touch the icons of any application, wait 1 second.
  • Enables the drag and drop of icons. Let go of your finger.
  • Again, touch and do not release the icon, which we want to transfer to the finished folder.
  • Slightly move this icon so that it loosens a little from its place.
  • We still hold the icon, and with the second hand click on all the applications that we want to see in one folder.

Moving icons in this way can not only from one folder to another or to a folder from the desktop, but also simply between different places on the home screen.

Pay attention to the iPad to move labels on the home screen even easier. Since the tablet version of iOS 11 fully supports Drag-and-drop, you do not need to wait for the drag-and-drop mode to be activated-you can just drag and drop icons and collect them into packets.

8. Share your Wi-Fi password instantly

How: Bring one iPhone while entering the password from Wi-Fi to the second on which the network is already in use> Confirm the request on the last

The release of the final version of iOS 11.3 is a great time to get acquainted with one more chip that was introduced in iOS 11.

It’s about the ability to quickly share a password from home or office Wi-Fi with a guest who unexpectedly came to you and urgently needs access to a wireless network.

When he tries to connect to your Wi-Fi and stops just entering the password, just bring your iPhone to his iPhone . A confirmation window appears, agree to send the password.

This is especially useful if you have a very long access code or password that you use not only to protect Wi-Fi and do not want to disclose it to everyone.

9. Set up a new iPhone using the old one

How: Bring one iPhone to iOS 11 during the first turn on to the second> Confirm the transfer request

Another chip that iOS 11.3 should definitely know is the most convenient way to switch from the old iPhone to a new one. I personally got to know her right after the New Year, when I set up the iPhone 8 Plus for my wife with her iPhone 6.

When you turn on a new iPhone on iOS 11, just bring it to your old Apple smartphone on the current version of the operating system.

A message appears prompting you to transfer the data from one device to the second one. Agree and follow the instructions on the screen.

The process of transition between the iPhone in this way is very fast – most likely, it uses combo from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as in AirDrop.

10. Encourage your friends to upgrade to iOS 11.3

How to: Settings> General> Software Update

I participated in the public testing program iOS 11.3 from the first beta and until the last, and after the final I tried it on the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 5s.

This is a subjective opinion that the current iOS works much better than the previous one – it’s trite faster. For example, if some old iPhone previously issued up to 1000 points in benchmarks, it now shows up to 1400-1500.

Plus everything on iOS 11.2 I had banal bugs. For example, during the incoming call, there was a ringing with vibration, and the menu did not appear to receive or cancel the call. Now everything is fine.

In general, I recommend that you update to iOS 11.3 . The firmware has already been brought to the mind, so staying on older versions of iOS 11 does not make sense.

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