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Who is the first Minister of Digital Development who is now responsible for Runet

Socks do not conduct sotsseti and is considered a harbinger of permutations in Roskomnadzor.

Konstantin Noskov. Photo from the site of the analytical center under the government
Konstantin Noskov. Photo from the site of the analytical center under the government

On May 18, Putin approved an updated government, in which there will be no Ministry of Communications and Communications. The authorities are transforming it into the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Communications. The place of the former Minister Nikolai Nikiforov will be occupied by Konstantin Noskov – for the time being the head of the analytical center under the government is now responsible, including for runet.

Soskov has been in power for 17 years, he has long been working with Medvedev and Putin

Noskov’s appointment to the post of minister of “figures” was not a surprise: the media referring to sources called him one of the main candidates.

Soskov graduated from the Moscow State Academy of Management with a degree in Automated Systems for Information Processing and Management and Strategic Management in the Higher School of Economics. Then he worked on the NTV channel as an economic analyst for the “Big Money” program, and later on in his profile came to the government. From 2001 to 2008, he worked in the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade under the current chairman of the Savings Bank German Gref. Then he entered the government of Putin, while Medvedev was president.

It was under Putin, in 2009, that Noskov received the post of director of the Department of Information Technology and Communications, the first position close to his new duties. He also participated in the launch of the ” Unified Portal of Public Services “, the Universal Electronic Card and the document management system ” Management ” for the authorities.

In 2011, Noskov was released ahead of schedule and in December 2012 – already under Putin-president and Medvedev-premiere – he headed theanalytical center under the government.

Noskov’s center criticized education and the burden on business, and he himself is not considered a “gray official”

The Noskov Analytical Center, outgrown from the Soviet Gosplan computing center, assessed the situation for the government with the economy, transport, education, technology and many other areas. Most often in connection with him mention the program ” Digital Economy “, which Medvedev approved in 2017.

Among other things, the center criticized the reform of education and demanded to transfer the organization of the USE from the state to ” private hands “, talked about a large number of business checks by the police, predicted a change in the appearance of taxis and karchering thanks to drone and pointed to problems in the export of medical services – lack of equipment, personnel and service.

Only after the arrival of Noskov, the government began to use the materials of the analytical center, told the BBC the acquaintance of the new minister. “He is certainly not an office gray official. Not an extrovert, but very friendly, open, “the source added.

The new minister is critical of television and propaganda

Sox unlike Nikiforov practically does not conduct sotsseti, drew attention to . His accounts in VKontakte, Instagram and Twitter were not found, and he threw the Facebook page in September 2016.

Prior to this, the future minister shared news about the achievements of SpaceX, talked about the love of travel and motorcycles , published photos from his life like the celebration of Halloween. Also on Facebook Noskov expressed his opinion on some news.

About the Internet

[Commenting on the note that “iPad killed the TV”] And such people are more and more … Next elections in addition to the zombie players will have to do zombies … 🙂 or kill the Internet: (

Konstantin Noskov
quote on his facebook, February 2012

About TV

If the state controls the TV channels, then it is necessary to control not only pre-election rhetoric. Television educates the population, and, unfortunately, now educates in the traditions of banditry, theft, outrage, depravity.

As a result, a feeling arises in the society that this is the real life, and the policemen begin to torture the suspects, each tax inspector strives to take a bribe, the drivers of the battered cars start beating each other’s faces. And how else? After all, this teaches us how to live a TV, which, unfortunately, remains for many a main source of information.

Konstantin Noskov
quote on his facebook, March 2012

About the rally on Bolotnaya Square

Parthenow – well done! [commenting on the speech by Leonid Parfyonov at the rally after the elections to the State Duma, where the journalist criticized the propaganda in the media and asked to stop the “wretched children’s crying” about the lack of an alternative to Putin]

Konstantin Noskov
quote on his facebook, December 2011

Because of Noskov in the Roskomnadzor are supposed permutations

What exactly the Ministry of Digital Development will be different from the Ministry of Communications is still unknown. Medvedev described Noskov’s main task as the embodiment of “the very digital agenda that the whole world is engaged in and which is absolutely relevant in our country.”

Noskov will have to do something about the situation around the Telegram lock, which Nikiforov had previously distanced himself from. Less than two months after the appointment, on July 1, the “law of Yarovoi” will come into force – operators criticize it because of colossal costs, and the mechanism of its work is still in question.

According to the decree, all the same services and departments remained under the Ministry, including Roskomnadzor. The appointment of Noskov can lead to a reshuffle in the department – up to the replacement of the head of Alexander Zharov, “Kommersant” found out . According to the publication, in this case, the manager of the regulator will be a subordinate of Noskov in the IT department of the government, Alexander Pankov. Now he is the deputy head of Roskomnadzor.

Medvedev in 2012, considered Noskov’s candidacy for the post of head of the Ministry of Communications at the same time as Nikiforov, recalled the former deputy head of Roskomnadzor Maxim Ksenzov. “” linked Nikiforov’s resignation precisely with Roscomnadzor’s “high profile” and deed against its employees, the adoption of the “Yarovoy package” and the corruption scandal surrounding the Russian Post.

Instead of a bonus: the new minister participates in the Ice Bucket Challenge.

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