We turn on a false call on the iPhone. No one will see

Interrupt the boring conversation, leave the company and get the excuse to go on other business. All thanks to a sudden incoming call, which you also called.

There is a way to activate a false call on the iPhone, which can not be distinguished from a real phone call.

How to set up everything

1. Download the free application Fake Call Plus from the App Store .

2. Run the program and configure the settings for the call. You can specify:

  • time of activation of the call after activation;
  • the name of the caller;
  • ringtone;
  • background sound of the interlocutor after the handset is off;
  • contact photo.

3. We are waiting for a suitable case to use the application.

Now when you need to find an excuse to leave, run Fake Call Plus and press Start Call . The device screen turns off, you do not need to block it. After a certain period of time, an incoming call will be heard, and you will get a good reason to step aside.

You can add an application widget and activate a false call directly from the lock screen.

This developer has a paid version of Fake Call App Pro It is distinguished by the lack of advertising and unlimited change of parameters (in the free version some settings can be changed only once).

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