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UK prosecuted the Washington Examiner editor because of an article calling to blow up the Crimean bridge


At the same time, the author of the article initiated a case on calls for terrorism.The Investigative Committee instituted criminal proceedings against the editor of the Washington Examiner, Hugo Gordon. Earlier, journalist Tom Rogan published an article in the publication “Ukraine needs to blow up the Crimean bridge of Putin.”

Gourdon agreed and posted Rogan’s article on the Washington Examiner website. In his actions, the investigation saw the propaganda of terrorism (Article 205.2 of the Criminal Code).

On May 17, the UK initiated a case on calls for terrorism against journalist Tom Rogan, who published an article “Ukraine needs to blow up the Crimean Putin Bridge.” Article Rogan came out on the opening day of the Crimean bridge. It caused criticism among representatives of the Russian authorities. Vice Speaker of the State Duma Irina Yarovaya and head of the Crimea Sergei Aksyonov saw in the text calls for terrorism. The Russian embassy in the United States demanded that the newspaper publish explanations about the material and saw in it an attempt to stir up hatred between Russia and Ukraine. The presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov called the article “an ugly manifestation of journalism”.

Foreign citizens who are abroad are liable under the Criminal Code of Russia if they have committed a crime directed against the interests of the country or its citizens.

The opening of the Crimean bridge took place on May 15, and on May 16, an automobile traffic on the ferry opened . The length of the longest bridge in Russia is 19 kilometers, the cost of the project is 228.3 billion rubles.


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