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The White House conducted an experiment with the names Laurel and Yanni. Trump is again not at all like the others

And his vice-president did not even understand what he was asked about.

Employees of the press service of the White House questioned members of the presidential administration, what name they hear on the record with Laurel and Yanni. The voices of officials and politicians were divided: 6 against 4, respectively.

Participation in the survey was received not only by ordinary employees of the administration, but also by its high-ranking officials: White House spokesman Sarah Huckabee Sanders, political consultant of President Kellyanne Conway, as well as vice president Mike Pence and Donald Trump himself his daughter Ivanka.

Pence and Trump distinguished themselves: the vice president did not understand who he was being asked about, and Trump said that he hears the word-mem-kovfifi (covfefe) invented by him. Another meme was recalled by the White House spokeswoman: statements that she allegedly heard the name “Laurel,” she called “fake news.”

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