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The cover of the new issue of GQ magazine has puzzled users of the network (5 photos)

The monthly men’s magazine GQ published on its page on Twitter the cover of the new issue, which will be released next week. The cover depicts an American actress and comedian Keith McKinnon, comedian and producer Issa Rey and American star standup star Sarah Silverman. However, the attention of users of the network was attracted not so much by women as by the unusual nature of this photo. The picture shows a large number of hands, in addition, there are more legs than there should be for three women. This cover can be the trolling cover of the magazine Vanity Fair , which previously was remembered by a lot of various missteps.

The signature for the cover of GQ says that this is the “best comedy”. And the phrase begins with the idiom hands down (easily, naturally), which is literally read as “hands down”. After users of the network began to wonder what it is, the following post appeared in “Twitter” GQ: “Read the full history of the cover next week. In the meantime, accept our sincere apologies. ”

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