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The Americans were asked to name any book. The question was complicated

American TV presenter Jimmy Kimmel continues to scoff at Americans in his evening show. He has asked them to show where is North Korea , gave an outdated “iPhone” for the X the iPhone . Now he asked passers-by to name any book. Just say the first name that comes to mind: from the Bible to “50 shades of gray.”

Surprisingly, most of the respondents with this task did not manage. Although, it is possible that this is just the magic of editing. Someone remembered the movie “The Jungle Book”, someone wrote to the writers of Moby Dick, who, in their opinion, wrote the novel “The Horse.” Most of them, as the last book read, remembered the author of Dr. Seuss, who wrote books for the youngest.

At the beginning of the video, Jimmy says that he is afraid of statistics, according to which every fourth American did not read a single book last year.

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