Samsung ridiculed the slowdown of old iPhones in Galaxy S9 commercials

The Korean company for some reason compared its flagship in 2018 with a smartphone from 2014.

According to the plot of the minute video “Move Forward”, a fan of Apple is faced with the fact that her iPhone 6 is constantly slowed down: first, the application Wallet is slowly loaded when boarding a flight, and in an airplane it can not watch the movie because the TV application does not open.

The movie hero is tired of enduring problems and is sent to the nearest Apple Store for help. A store employee tells her that you can turn off the performance management option to regain the previous speed, but in this case there is a risk of accidental disconnections of the smartphone.

“Or you can just update it,” says the Apple Store employee. At the end of the video, the girl leaves the store and comes home with a Samsung smartphone.

However, as noted by The Verge, the advertisement does not mention the best way out of this situation: to replace the outdated battery and continue to use the smartphone as before. It can be done for only $ 29 (1800 rubles) – much cheaper than buying any new smartphone: it does not matter, iPhone X or Galaxy S9.

The video “Move Forward” became a continuation of advertising , in which Samsung mocked the “bang” of the iPhone X. In the video, even for a moment, the same character appeared – a man with a haircut that repeats the shape of the smartphone from Apple. In addition, both advertisements are played by the same song.

A child with a man with a “bang” is also tonsured under the iPhone X

Under American law, in advertising you can show the products of direct competitors. Samsung often uses this to make fun of Apple.

At the end of December 2017, Apple admitted that it deliberately slows the iPhone with obsolete batteries. The company explained this by taking care of users: with the help of “trotting” smartphones can last longer for owners and will spontaneously be disconnected spontaneously.

After that, Apple sued the device owners, and the company apologized and added the ability to disable the slowdown of processors in iOS settings.


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