Samsung ridiculed in advertising “chained to the wall” of iPhone users

Samsung released a commercial for the smartphone Galaxy S5, in which it ridiculed constantly “sitting on the charge” of iPhone users. This is reported  9to5mac .

The action of the video, published on July 3, takes place at the airport. All people in his waiting room are divided into users of Samsung Galaxy S5 and users of iPhone 5s.

The owners of Apple technology are portrayed as “chained to sockets”: they are forced to constantly recharge their smartphones, sacrificing convenience, the ability to eat normally and getting into constant awkward situations with the participation of local cleaners.

With the help of the new clip Samsung demonstrates not only a more capacious battery Galaxy S5, but also the possibility of its “hot” replacement, as well as a special program mode of energy saving. Users of 5s in advertising are called “wall-huggers”, quoting the March  statement of the CEO of Blackberry about Apple fans.

The new video was part of the “The Next Big Thing Is Here” advertising campaign, which  Samsung lawyers said in early April during another patent litigation between the two giants, very annoying Apple’s vice president of marketing Phil Schiller.

The last time to direct comparison with Apple, Samsung resorted in April, when it released a video that tells about the advantages of the camera and the Galaxy S5 screen in front of a competitor.

In its new advertising Samsung turned the upside down stereotype that Android users are forced to charge their smartphones very often. In practice, the Korean giant managed to solve this problem with the help of extensive methods: the volume of the battery installed in the Galaxy S5 is 2800 milliampere-hours (this is almost half of that of the MacBook Air), whereas in the case of 5s it is only about 1440 milliamps.

According to the media, the iPhone 6 with a 4.7-inch display increased to a larger battery.

The iPhone 6 concept, based on leaks about the device, from the designer Mark Pelin


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