Samsung in advertising Galaxy mocked the queues for the iPhone X and its “bang”

Constant banter over Apple is already a tradition of the Korean company.

Samsung has released a minute commercial called “Adult” about how a longtime fan buys a new Apple smartphone every year since the original iPhone 2G. At the same time, he constantly faces problems that at that time (as expected) had already been solved by competitors from Samsung.

For example, in older versions of the iPhone, he ran out of memory and could not take photos (in the video this process is simulated, as indicated by the inscription). Fast record phone number for him, too, was a problem – the authors of the video imply that it’s more convenient to write them with a stylus. Later, the movie’s hero heats up his later iPhone, while his girlfriend already has a waterproof Samsung, and also uses an adapter to simultaneously listen to the music in the headphones and recharge the iPhone, while the Galaxy of his girl is on wireless charging.

All these years the hero of the video is waiting in queues to purchase an iPhone, but at the time of the release of the iPhone X, he decides to switch to Galaxy Note 8. The key moment of the video is when the hero passes the queue for the iPhone X and sees a man who has the same “bang” , like a new smartphone (apparently painted with paint).

In the US it is allowed to show direct competitors in advertising, than often uses Samsung to conduct profitable parallels with Apple. For example, in 2014, the company ridiculed iPhone users for being confined to an outlet due to a weak battery, and Apple employees for not being able to see their own company’s presentation. In 2015, Samsung even came up with a “correct” search query [iphone 6s] with the help of an ad that led to the page about the Galaxy S6.


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