Samsung has touched a big iPhone and Apple Watch in a series of promotional videos

Samsung ridiculed the new Apple products  presented at the presentation in Cupertino earlier this week, in a series of promotional videos on YouTube. The records were published on the official channel of the South Korean giant on September 10.

The main heroes of the commercials were two unlucky employees of Apple’s retail store.

In the first video, young people try to launch a live broadcast on the laptop from Tim Cook’s event in California’s Flint Center. It was there on September 9 that the presentation of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch took place. Despite all the attempts of the store employees, the video does not work. Desperate to set up streaming, one of the heroes admits: they work in the field of high technology, but still can not cope even with such a minor problem.

In the second video, Apple employees still manage to connect to the broadcast and see what their management shows at the presentation. At first, young people are happy with the new enlarged screen of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but then they realize that this is “just a big screen”, and they are experiencing a noticeable disappointment. The video ends with the advertisement of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with a 5.7-inch display.

The third and fourth videos ridicule the lack of full-fledged multitasking in Apple products, and also show the advantages of Samsung’s clever S-pen pen, which has no analogue with a competitor corporation.

Another video trolls smart watches Apple Watch, hinting that the gadget from Apple does not have any unique function, and a real breakthrough in this area is already achieved by Samsung, which released its own Gear S.

All the videos are united by a common slogan #NoteTheDifference (“Notice the difference”), referring to the name of the smartphone from the Samsung Galaxy Note line, which is advertised at the end of each video. In less than a day, we recorded on YouTube an average of 40-50 thousand views.

During the last presentation of Apple, live video on the company’s website really worked intermittently to cause a storm of indignation in social networks. Already after the event, fans of Samsung and other brands that release phones on Android criticized Apple ‘s new products, stressing that the company now acts as a catch-up, trying to copy competitors that have long produced gadgets with large screens and smart clocks.


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