Samsung forged the Galaxy S6 advertisement in Google for the correction of typos in the query “iPhone 6s”

April 28, the user Reddit under the nickname jon_reed reported that Samsung began advertising the Galaxy S6 smartphone with the help of contextual advertising in Google on the requests related to the upcoming flagship of Apple.

On the screenshot he published, you can see that if you write “iPhone 6s” in the search box, an advertisement with a text stylized under Google’s recommendation will appear under it: “It’s strange! Obviously, you meant S6. ”

At the time of writing, the note remains unknown, whether the ads are displayed only on mobile devices or are also displayed on desktop systems, but for Russian users it is not displayed.

Screenshot jon_reed on hosting Imgur scored more than one and a half million views in a few hours, and users of Reddit praised Samsung for ingenuity.

Recently, this is not the first advertisement of the Korean manufacturer, warmly accepted by the public. On April 25, attention of users of the network attracted thevideo with the annunciation of the smartphone Galaxy S6 Edge, whose hero suddenly appears in the center of the action scene.


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