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Rufus – the most fat and happy lynx in Germany (3 photos)

In the Wildlife Park Schweinfurt in the German city of Bavarit lives the most fat lynx of the country – a male named Rufus. At an average weight of 35 kg, Rufus weighs 48 kg, while the staff of the zoo call him also the happiest animal in Germany.

So they consider it because of the castration transferred in 2013, after which the male disappeared attracted to the opposite sex. To this extent, the management of the zoo went because they no longer needed to replenish the lynx. Against the background of a drop in testosterone levels, Rufus has lost his stress and now he is always calm.

The 13-year-old male continues to “be in authority” with relatives and even takes food from them. In the zoo believe that for several years the lynx, whose average life expectancy is 17 years, will live in satiety and pacification.

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