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Review of the film “Deadpool 2”. That’s what you need to watch!

Deadpool is a unique comic book hero. He does not leave any spectator indifferent. Either his endless banter causes a smile, or his bawd jokes on the contrary wildly annoying.

But the appearance of Deadpool on large screens is worth appreciating in any case.

Two years ago it was this chatty jester in red tights that seriously shook the superhero cinema genre. And breathed new life into movies with an adult rating of R.

With a modest budget of 58 million dollars, the picture collected 783 ! It’s not a joke, you know.

The continuation did not wait, in Russia the premiere took place today. We have already appreciated the second advent of the comic savior from the sad pathos. We tell whether the troubler of calm has lost his charisma.

There are at least five reasons to look at Deadpool 2.

1. He has a normal storyline

Let’s start with the main thing – the film has an adequate history. Almost like one of the great creations of James Cameron himself. I’m serious. Let it not be so smooth and sometimes wildly exaggerated. Comics, in the end. But it’s not just a “new release of a meat-sold-out with a rating of 18+”.

The plot moves can surprise, predict the course of events is not easy.

Believe me, the creators have not yet demonstrated the initial titles, but they will have time to shock by their own moves. Pleasant and unpleasant at the same time. Pleasantly – because you do not expect such, unpleasantly – you will understand, when you see the idea of ​​the writer. Spoiler, you know.

2. He has eggs

I’m talking about Easter, if that. If the first part abounded with jokes below the belt, vulgarity and at times a sort of humor, the second part takes an incredible amount of references to everything in a row.

Released a month ago blockbuster Stephen Spielberg “The first player to prepare ” with a huge amount of simple quoting of various sources is and nervously smoking on the sidelines.

Here the asshole in red not only remembers the cultural phenomena of recent years 25, he frankly and cynically ridicules them. Stebot hard and vulgar. There are no forbidden subjects for him. Humble yourself.

Has got to all. From the “Cold Heart” to “The Human Centipede”. Do you feel the scale?

3. He’s Big. Budget

The first part could boast only a scene on the freeway, and the final battle. Here, the budget was increased almost threefold, which, naturally, affected the number of action on the screen.

There are a lot of movers in the frame. Races, fights, skirmishes – everything is served deliciously. Particularly good is the choreography of battles. This is not surprising, in the director’s chair David Litch, who shot “John Wick.”

A man knows a lot about fights!

Litchch, having accepted the rules of the game, managed to add to his trademark spectacular skirmishes at close range the notes of madness of the world of Deadpool.

Where did you see the fight, in which the character uses his broken arm as a weapon?

4. He does not have a villain

It’s Marvel. This is normal. They never get to make an adequate bad guy with sane motives of atrocities. Who said Thanos?

Believe me, the character of Josh Brolin is more interesting and alive here. Maybe, because there is more acting than computer special effects. Maybe, because you get more sympathy for the character of Keyb and understand his motivation better.

In general, the versatility of the main characters makes history more interesting. Every hero has his own truth. There are no only white and black flowers. This is Deadpool. Everything is splashed with blood and jokes.

5. He has a lot of nice bonuses

In addition to the above, Deadpool 2 delights in small things. It pleased everyone – aesthetes, music lovers, romantics.

Some will enthusiastically consider the stylish Keybell, the second will come the chic soundtrack, the third will be stupefied by the love scene under A-ha. Well, someone will just laugh at the trash-and-burnout. Multilayered and versatile – a definite plus of the film.

A special attention is deserved by the superhero team of Khokmach. That’s really, the guys came off to the full. You will remember the landing of the landing for a long time!


In “Deadpool 2” the viewer is not deceived. Unlike the distributors of the movie “Terminal”, which in the Russian version is called “Konchenaya”.

This stillborn cheap picture with patterned characters, which is not saved by the beauty of Margot Robbie, an adequate operator, or several story twists at once. A dummy, which we advise you to avoid.

“Terminal” for us is a great positive film about Victor Navorski (performed by Tom Hanks), which got stuck in the airport of New York. And a point.

Guys, Deadpool is back. Margo, go home.

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