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Red buns have returned. Review of “Deadpool 2”

I remember the first part of the cinematic adventures of the “vulgar antihero with red rolls” I did not go at all . The authors of the film throughout the timekeeping of the popolno-genital humor, which to the place was only a few times. All this cabbage soup was drowned and drowned in its own “joke-cosmical” excrement. And here is the second part. And she, as we know, according to the laws of cinema (with a few exceptions), should be worse than the first. So, the failure is below the bottom?

Briefly about the main

  • What is a real family movie
  • How to make good children
  • What else to see such a

“A good family movie always begins with murder”

After a spectacular introductory scene, “Deadpool 2” is still flirting with a love topic. True, it does not take ten minutes, as she breaks off in mid-sentence. Our superantiger in red panties already sighed and decided to settle his life. Of course, nothing of this venture comes out of him.

The X-rescued X-Men Deadpool tries to join the team of world saviors and even participates in the operation to calm the corpulent youth with burning hands. The young man has matured and wants to set fire to the schoolchild with the director. Well, is it possible to blame him for this completely natural desire? That’s Wade, instead of pushing a kid on a fat ass, arranges a mess. After it, both fall into something like a prison for mutants.

In the torture chambers it turns out that for the baby with his bottomless inner pocket, in which he conceived to hide ballpoint pens and God knows what else, hunts a stern man with a steep cannon and a half-cyborgized torso. The guy is called Cable, and he, just like Terminator, came from the future to sew a puffy. Deadpool decides that this is his chance to get a family, and intercedes for the baby …

David Litche was seated in the director’s chair of the second “Deadpool”. If anything, it is he who is fully responsible for the appearance of such in a good sense of disgrace, as “John Wick” and “Blasting Blonde.” The Texan did not fail, and this time – his third big work came out as crazy, technological, driving and at the same time as cinematic as the previous two.

There was some work on the mistakes of the first “Deadpool” or not – I do not know. But the second part became much more like a movie. The spectators ceased, like a festive duck, to stuff themselves with different junk, which in the parallel universe and “Curved mirror” Eugene Vaganovich is mistaken for humor.

Yes, even a drama has appeared! No, no, “Deadpool 2” by no means slipped into a sad spectacle. He just got rid of the excessively ostentatious vulgarity. At the same time, he remained shamelessly cruel and with a divine rating of “18+”. The mood is the same, but the cinematography is higher. Plus the action, which is full of pants and for which not ashamed.

David Litch, however, had an advantage. He did not have to waste time explaining who Deadpool was, where he came from, what happened and why. The director tears off the bat and all two hours of screen time shows an excellent quality insurgent, surprisingly organically intertwined with romantic episodes. Hell, sometimes the film is ready to squeeze a tear out of you! And as soon as you are ready to let it go, it immediately turns everything into a farce. Okay to sew and hard tailor the action movie and the drama is difficult, but with due diligence it will work out. But pandemonium to this is also humor – here you have to be a damn lucky son of a bitch. The authors of the film are just like that. In some incomprehensible way, all three components of the tape do not interfere with each other, on the contrary, complementing.

“Let’s strap on, we’ll close up the super-baby”

Still, Deadpool would not be Deadpud, if humor did not go first. In the second part, it is thinner, as far as it is possible in the universe of a disgraced toddler oncology. By the willful decision the film was deprived of flatulence and left practically without jokes about excrement.

But there were references to a couple of dozens of other classical tapes, and not only kinomikomsam, but also the classics themselves. Search for such “Easter eggs” – a pleasure!

Deadpool continues in each frame to ridicule the genre of comics and flirt with the audience. However, this time the communication looks more natural, although it still sounds strange. And he does it right to the point, there is almost a mental dialogue. Here you are watching some story scene and you think: “What-about-about ??? Enough to carry nonsense, let’s better be joking, or something. ” And then the main character, as if apologizing for what is happening, turn away and throw aside the audience remark, they say, what can we do if the script was written on his knee.

It is gratifying that the authors of the film themselves perfectly understand: their creation is far from ideal. Even better, they do not hesitate to admit it. Heroes smooth out the plot absurdities, as if apologizing for them and at the same time turning them into a separate entertainment.

Indicative in this regard is the episode with the collection of a new team. Well, you know, as it happens, when every second superhero once comes to the idea of ​​creating his own superhero team for nagging to fellow villains. Deadpool is no worse, so I decided to put together my gang. Is it corny? Only not here, because the best superhero team in the world turned out!

With the antagonists of “Deadpool 2”, unlike anything else, not very lucky. The main villain is not such a villain, and this is evident from the very beginning. Well, all right, the world still does not destroy the world and does not save.

What else to see

If the “Deadpool” is small, but still want something “daddy”, then the choice of a good “bad” superhero (or still anti-hero?) Cinema is not so great.

“Pipets”. This is the first thing that comes to mind. Humor is also prominently on the forefront here, while there is much to think about, what to see and listen to. An absurd schoolboy in a green suit for a couple with an 11-year-old Ubivashka eight years ago funny and evil after the superhero movie. It turned out kitsch, but with a taste. It turns out that this happens. Only in any case do not look “Pipets 2” – the continuation, to put it mildly, did not happen.

“Super”. Do you want something more than a trash? Then “Super”. This is today, James Gunn is known as the director of the “Guardians of the Galaxy”, but before they had much more freedom. The level of violence is overshooting, the superhero is more insane than the supervillains, jokes-jokes are running from one serious mine to another – than not the precursor of the “Deadpool”?

“Thor: Ragnarok.” A relatively fresh blockbuster and, of course, also about superheroes. The last “Thor” became almost exclusively a comedy, and quite decent – we even sank to 8.5 points. But “Ragnarok” is still much softer than “Deadpool” in terms of humor, and even if there is blood there is only a couple of drops. Such a light version of “Deadpool”.

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