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Photo: Harry Potter and a pair of pistols with “tiger” slippers

Daniel Radcliffe is in the new film. In social networks, they decided that his “insane” image would be suitable for the bandit version of books by Joan Rowling.

May 15, the first photos from the film “Guns Akimbo” (Guns Akimbo), which starred British actor Daniel Radcliffe, known for the role of Harry Potter in the film adaptation of books by JK Rowling. According to the plot of the picture, the hero of Radcliffe tries to rescue his ex-girlfriend from the hands of the kidnappers. To do this, he has to participate in the modern analogue of gladiatorial fights, which are organized in “dark corners of social networks”.

The filming began in late April in Auckland, New Zealand. The actor immediately warned the fans: “If you suddenly see me in Oakland in poor condition, in blood and with bruises – do not worry. Most likely, this is for the film. ” But the pictures with Radliff on city streets in a dressing gown, shorts and furry slippers in the form of tiger paws still surprised users of social networks.

“The new Harry Potter movie looks great”
Users of social networks liked the “crazy” image of Radcliffe.

“You can be cool, but you will not be steeper than Daniel Radcliffe, waving pistols in a dressing gown and giant slippers”

“Someone should visit Daniel Radcliffe”

“Daniel Radcliffe looks like we all, if we hear about the beginning of the revolution”

“Live like Daniel Radcliffe, who has just learned about guns”
It was not without jokes that the actor was driven crazy by the audio illusion about Laurel and Yanni.

But most of the commentators still focused on the main role in Radcliffe’s career, imagining that the footage from the shooting somehow refers to “Harry Potter.”

“When you are a millenarian magician and a degree in the dark arts at Hogwarts you have not led to anything”

“Say hello to my little friends, Avada and Kedavra.”

If you call me Harry again …”
Users thought, what would be called the “bandit” part of “Harry Potter”.

“Harry Potter and a bunch of gangster shit”

“Harry Potter and two guns, ready to shoot nigga knee joints”

“Harry Potter and the deadly expansive bullet, bitch!”

“Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Gang”

Harry Potter and the bitch, better prepare my money”
In Russia, too, paid attention to photographs.

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