Optical illusions in nature

Optical illusions are not that rare, there are a lot of them on the Internet. But there are such illusions that you can only see when you leave the house and find yourself in nature. How does nature create these optical illusions, from which simply the spirit captures?

The valley of the Deadwater in Namibia

It’s like surreal painting. Located in the Namib-Naukluft National Park, the valley of the Deadwood is dotted with many long-dead trees that have not rotted due to the dry climate in this place.

Lifeless land, once flooded with water from the nearby Tsauhab River, attracts photographers who are struck by the contrast between the white surface of the valley and the black, sun-scorched trees. Sand dunes framing the valley, painted in incredible shades of orange, especially during sunrise and sunset, which gives the area an even more picturesque appearance.

“Underwater Falls” in the Indian Ocean

Although underwater waterfalls do exist, it is just an illusion, it is created by sandy deposits that stretch along the coast of the island of Mauritius.

Solonchak Uyuni in Bolivia

The largest solonchak in the world turns into a giant reflecting surface, when it is covered with a thin layer of water, either because of rain, or because of spills of nearby lakes. Stretched for a few kilometers absolutely smooth surface seems to be boundless. This allows photographers to create illusions, playing with the depth of the image and perspective.

Fiery Waterfall

Every year, around the second week of February, the rays of the setting sun fall at a certain angle to the Horseshoe Falls in Yosemite National Park, illuminating the top of the waterfall. Under favorable weather conditions, the sunlit water glows bright orange and red, and it seems as if it is burning.

Wavy Mountains of Arizona

On the northern part of the slope of Coyote-Bute, the canyon of Paria, lies an arcuate hollow called the “Wave”. However, to see this amazing spectacle, you will need to take part in the draw and get permission for four months in advance. A day here only 20 people start up.

Brocken’s ghost

Known also as the “Mountain Ghost”, this phenomenon occurs when the observer casts a shadow on the surface of clouds or thick fog. The head of the “ghost” is often surrounded by a rainbow halo – another optical phenomenon known as glory.

Fata Morgana

This is a complex, rapidly changing form of the upper mirage. Optical illusion is created when light is refracted, passing through a layer of air that is warmer than the layer below it.

As a result of reflection and refraction of the rays, real objects or figures appear on the horizon or above it in the form of several distorted images partially overlapping each other and rapidly changing in time, which creates a fanciful picture of fata-morgan.

Lower mirages

Unlike fata morgan, the lower mirages are created when the air above the surface of the ocean or the earth is much warmer than the air above it. Light passing through these layers of air warps, creating inverted distorted images of distant landscapes (for example, a remote mountain range or blue sky) that appear under the object itself.

Puddles on the asphalt

This phenomenon is another example of the lower mirage. Like sand in the desert, the asphalt road keeps the heat and heats the air right above it. The imaginary image of the sky creates the illusion of water on the surface. So, on a road going into the distance on a hot summer day, a puddle appears.

The False Sun

False sun, or pargelium – an unusual natural phenomenon, which manifests itself in the appearance of several suns in the sky. Such an unusual phenomenon arises due to the refraction of the sun’s rays in the ice crystals that are in the atmosphere.

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