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Navalny decided to learn programming in Python while he is under arrest

The politician thought that for 30 days in custody “you can and some useful skill to master.”

Aleksey Navalny decided to study the Python programming language for 30 days under arrest. At first he wanted to do wakeboarding, but in the special detention center “they refused to provide him with a boat and a suitable size of a reservoir.”

I had to think about the most banal – the study of languages. Foreign language is boredom, and it is impossible to practice correct pronunciation (unless, of course, you learn Uzbek). So I decided to learn the language is not human at all.


According to Navalny, after the “short struggle” of Klingon and Python 3, the latter won. Politics inspired the words of a friend that Python is “a simple language that even a wretched humanist can afford.”

Learning programming language in the camera, without electronic devices and access to the Internet – a piece of a kind. Reminds those heartbreaking photographs: the lesson of computer science in a rural school in Africa. The computer does not have anyone, including the teacher, and he chalked out the start page of Windows on the chalkboard.


Navalny noted that since “African children can , he can and he” and has already begun to come up with tasks. For example:

For cell in prison:

if nonsmokers> 0

The politician did not tell what kind of literature the language taught, but FBK lawyer Lyubov Sobol, who visited him in the special detention center, confirmed that Navalny began to study programming.

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