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LinkedIn after a year of blocking kept 61 percent of the audience in Russia – it’s almost 1.5 million people


The law on VPN and anonymizers is unlikely to change anything.

Corporate network LinkedIn in September 2017 was visited by 1.4 million people from Russia – this is 39% lower than a year earlier (2.3 million), when the service was not yet blocked on the territory of the country, according to a study by Mediascope.

In October 2016, a month before the blockade, LinkedIn was visited by 2.6 million users in Russia. Just before the blockade – 2.5 million.

In November, Roskomnadzor made LinkedIn in the register of prohibited sites. The basis for this was the violation of the law on personal data: the network did not start storing and processing the database of Russians in the territory of the Russian Federation. A month after this – in December – attendance fell to 1.5 million people.

RBC stressed that the Russian authorities intend to rectify the situation with the help of the law prohibiting circumvention of locks through VPN and anonymizers. However, in conversation with the publication, the analyst of the Russian Association of Electronic Communications stressed that a significant number of VPN-services are not going to work with Roskomnadzor, “and those users who wanted to have already installed the necessary programs.”

In Roskomnadzor , he noted that LinkedIn explains its position by not being ready to comply with Russian laws. “The company has confirmed its lack of interest in working in the Russian market,” the ministry assured. Nevertheless, in January, LinkedIn management announced its intention to return to Russia and cooperate with the authorities.

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