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In the US, the lawyer insulted migrants for the Spanish language. The activist decided to send him an orchestra with the song “Cucaracha” and tacos

But he did not say when, so that no one disturbed him.

Attorney Aaron Schlossberg
Attorney Aaron Schlossberg

In the United States, activist Mark Goldberg organized fundraising on GoFunMe to punish Aaron Schlossberg, a lawyer who spoke harshly with immigrants because of the Spanish language.

Conflict occurred in a restaurant in New York. Schlossberg stood in line, before him was a couple of customers, with whom the restaurant employee spoke in Spanish. This angered the lawyer.

Your customers and staff speak Spanish when they need to speak English. I think that they do not have documents, so I’ll call the immigration service and they will be sent from my country. If they had the courage to come here and live on my money – I pay for their allowance. I pay for their opportunity to be here.

Aaron Schlossberg

The scandal hit the video and spread to social networks.


After that, Goldberg opened on GoFunMe a project called “Mariachi for Aaron Schlossberg” with the intention of collecting 500 dollars. On this money, he planned to send a lawyer mariachi orchestra, who must perform the popular song “Cucaracha”. So he wanted to “encourage staff and lawyers in the law firm of Schlossberg after a hard day.” For the remaining money after the order of the orchestra, Goldberg will order a truck with tacos and legal literature, which states that immigrants without documents do not receive benefits.

The project collected 1094 dollars and Goldberg closed the collection. According to The Hill, the local mariachi orchestra agreed to play for free, and the activist will spend money to pay tacos and “party accessories”, for example, pinyate – papier-mache toys that are filled with sweets.

He planned to send the orchestra and truck on May 19, but a group of people with 4chan found out about his plans and went there to stop the activist. After that, Goldberg said that he would postpone the date, but he would not announce the day in advance.

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