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In Russian dubbing “Deadpool 2” added a joke about Telegram. In the original was LinkedIn

A swear song about one of the villains was replaced with a new track of “Leningrad”.

Frame from the second "Deadpool"
Frame from the second “Deadpool”

On May 17 the world premiere of the continuation of the superhero comedy “Deadpool” with a rating of 18+ took place. For Russian cinemas, as in the case of the first part, the film was duplicated by Peter Glantz with a team of translators from the “Cube in the Cube”. Despite the fact that dubbing tried to make it close to the original, it was also adapted to the audience.

Caution, the article contains minor spoilers for the plot.

In one scene, Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) consults with partner Ferghana (TJ Miller) about the superhero team that they need for a new mission. The hero of Miller agrees to collect mercenaries and says that their summaries should be sought in Telegram. Russian viewers also drew attention to this line.

In the original voice acting, there is no mention of Telegram. Instead, Chorok says that you need to look for a resume in LinkedIn.

This scene also fell into the final trailer of the second “Deadpool”: in the original, and in the Russian-language versions, the hero of Miller says exactly about LinkedIn.

The joke about LinkedIn in the United States has a rationale: a few days before the premiere in the social network created a page of one of the heroes of Peter, who in the story is just looking for work. In Russia, LinkedIn has been blocked byRoskomnadzor for two years .

One of the translators of the film Tatyana Omelchenko (known as El Brujo) told that LinkedIn decided to replace with Telegram during improvisation on the voice acting.

The text was written by LinkedIn, but in Russian it’s quick to say, articulate – it’s quite difficult, even for the pros, and it did not lie exactly. And Ruslan Gabidullin, who voiced Ferret, laughingly offered Telegram.

Everybody in the studio laughed, they decided to record this option, along with the duplicated double about LinkedIn. So that later there was something to choose from. Well, in the final mix it turned out, they took a double with Telegram.

Tatyana Omelchenko
interpreter from the team of localizers “Deadpool 2”

Another change in the Russian dubbing is the music on the final credits. In the original there is a track called ” Holy Shit Balls “, parodic choral soundtracks in modern blockbusters. But for the Russians there was the song of the group “Leningrad” called “Withering in the mud”, which was not officially released yet. The composition refers to the phrase of the hero Colossus, who on the credits speaks of the fuss in the mud. Only after it is included the track “Holy Shit Balls”.

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