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In Russia, YouTube will appear without ads. How to connect

Google has long been aware that one streaming service Google Play Music for normal earnings is not enough. You need a universal platform with video and audio.

As a result, yesterday the company announced the launch of the YouTube Music service. From Tuesday he will work in the US, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Mexico, and in the near future will appear in 15 countries, including Russia .

But Google Music for subscribers of a similar streaming service from Apple is not too impressive news.

Another good news: in Russia YouTube Premium will finally appear on subscription. Native and popular video hosting, but without advertising and with all the nice buns that were available only to residents of several countries.

By the way, YouTube Premium (also YouTube Red) will be available in the five countries of the “first wave”, where YouTube Music is already available.

What is YouTube Premium and why do I need it?

YouTube Premium is the Red. Google rebranded and decided to name their service in a new way.

By subscribing to YouTube, you receive:

  • the ability to download videos for later viewing without the Internet
  • reproduction without annoying advertising and banners
  • listening to videos in the background
  • access to YouTube Originals – collections of original films and serials

For that personally, I would subscribe to YouTube Premium, so it’s for lack of advertising and the ability to listen to videos in a collapsed state on the iPhone.

What you need to know before signing up for YouTube Premium

Firstly, the service is only planned to be launched in Russia. But, in simple terms, “we are already standing in line.”

Secondly, in order not to miss the launch of the service, subscribe to the notification from Google on this page .

Finally, before the subscription, keep the lifhak.

Subscribe to YouTube Premium on the official Google site . So it will be cheaper.

If you pay a 30% extra charge from the iOS app, you’ll pay in an Apple pocket. Although the company itself has nothing to do with Google.

And what about the price?


The official cost of a monthly subscription to YouTube Red for Russians may seem frankly overstated.

If Google makes a price adaptation to the Russian market, the subscription month for YouTube Music can cost 159 rubles. YouTube Premium – no more than 250.

If the European price continues, then the services will fly into a pretty penny: 760 rubles for YouTube Premium and 635 rubles for YouTube Music. So Google runs the risk of repeating the fate of “Netflix, which nobody wants in Russia”.

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