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The University of Helsinki, together with Reaktor, has launched a free online course dedicated to the study of artificial intelligence . The institution hopes that it will host about 54 thousand people.

The university offers to study AI for several years. In connection with increased interest, the institution decided to launch an online course called “Elements of Artificial Intelligence” .

The course is free and available to people all over the world. It takes about 30 hours to complete it. After successful completion, you can get a certificate for publication on the LinkedIn page.

According to Yanina Fagerlund, who was one of the creators of the course, the program is designed to dispel the mystery related to technology .

“This is a new discovery, but no one knows how to use it,” says Fagerlund.

The course has already passed 24 thousand people under the age of 20 years to 75 years. Among the students are professors, unemployed , social workers, dentists.

“Everyone wants to know what AI is. People want to know how technology will affect their lives and how they can use it, “says Fagerlund.

For her part, she hopes that AI can solve major social problems, such as carbon dioxide emissions. She believes that artificial intelligence will have the same revolutionary impact on the world as electricity in the late nineteenth century.

Recall that in the US School of Computer Science Carnegie Mellon from the next academic year, runs a bachelor’s program in the field of artificial intelligence. Students will study neural networks, machine learning, robotics and other related areas. Initially, about 100 students will take part in the program.


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