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In Chita, by the Victory Day, the theatrical performance about the concentration camp was timed

In Chita, a theatrical performance about the concentration camp, timed to the celebration of the Victory Day, shocked the audience. Pupils of the theater studio and the regional school of culture played a fragment of life and death of prisoners of German concentration camps in one of the squares of the city.


According to the director of the theater Maria Guskova, the actors were aware that the scenes of violence in the “death camp” shocked the audience. The head believes that “this must be known” so that “this never happened again.” The actor, who played the role of a German officer, said in an interview with the TV channel: “I really wanted to stop this, but I had to continue to show the audience that the fascists did not spare anyone: neither women, nor children, nor the elderly.”

The video recording of the production also caused an ambiguous reaction on the Internet. In the comments to the entry, users indicate that the viewers of this reconstruction were small children.





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