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Ilya Varlamov changed his mind about running for mayors in Moscow a month after the announcement of this

The blogger believes that he does not have enough strength and experience for a normal campaign, but for urbanism now is not the time.

Photo from Ilya Varlamov's page in VKontakte
Photo from Ilya Varlamov’s page in VKontakte

Ilya Varlamov changed his mind about participating in the September elections of the mayor of Moscow. He explained his decision for several reasons, including the lack of necessary experience in politics and the “conventionality” of the elections.

I am 34 years old, I do not have enough strength and experience in politics to conduct a good campaign and unite a sufficient number of people.

Ilya Varlamov
I wanted to become the mayor of Moscow

Varlamov noted that in the last elections “United Russia” gave the signatures to Alexei Navalny, “therefore the opposition forces were able to unite, but now the situation has changed. According to him, the Kremlin is now “not ready to take risks.” Therefore, Varlamov decided that it is much more important to talk about “open competitive elections, the importance of freedom, democracy, honest courts and honest media” than about urbanism.

To register [for the elections], you need to pass a municipal filter. In these elections, only one candidate, a candidate from United Russia, can collect the necessary number of signatures of municipal deputies. […] Therefore, sparring partners for Sobyanin will choose in “United Russia”.

Ilya Varlamov

The blogger explained that in Russia there was a sad situation with the elections, because even in the State Duma all 450 deputies “directly represent the interests of the Kremlin.” One of the reasons for this situation, Varlamov called the absence of a request for competitive elections.

People are quite happy that the ballot may not have a candidate who will represent their interests. People are quite happy that they can not influence anything.

Ilya Varlamov

The blogger remembered the presidential election, in which boycotted Putin and noted that he, probably, “was very upset that you did not go to the elections”.

Varlamov said that in the current situation “does not see his participation” in the elections. He noted that he could use the elections “for a self-referral”, but he will not. Instead, the blogger decided to support independent candidates, if any.

Ilya Varlamov announced that he was running for mayor of Moscow on April 19. Then he said that Muscovites “need radical urbanism, and he can offer it.”

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