How to simultaneously listen to Apple Music on two devices with one Apple ID

Subscribing to the Apple Music service allows you to simultaneously listen to music on only one device.

When trying to turn on a track or radio on another device with the same Apple ID, we get the following message:

The restriction is superimposed on all devices without exception: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, HomePod.

There is one trick that allows you to temporarily bypass the restriction and, if necessary, still listen to music on two devices at the same time.

How it works

The thing is that Apple servers monitor the activity of the service on all devices with the same account. If the playback on the second device is fixed, at the first playback the music stops.

The service may not know about the fact of listening on one of the devices, if it will not be online.

How to set up on iOS:

1. First you need to download the tracks for listening without connecting to the network.

On the iPhone you need to find the track or playlist you like, click the Add button to include it in the library, and click on the icon to download to the device.

2. After the download is finished (you can follow the status in the Media Library – Downloaded Music – Download ) you just need to go offline.

If you are connected via Wi-Fi, you will need to temporarily disconnect from the wireless network, and if you transfer data over 3G / LTE, you can prevent the network from going out to the Music application ( Settings – Cellular – Music ).

3. Now you can listen to music without access to the network, and on the second device with this account you can start Apple Music without restrictions.

How to configure on macOS:

If we listen on to the Mac without connecting to the network, we need to do the following:

1. Find and download offline tracks and playlists for iTunes. For downloading, use the icon with the ellipsis – Download .

2. Temporarily disable the iTunes application from accessing the network. To do this, it is convenient to use any third-party firewall, for example, Little Snitch .

3. Now listen to music on the Mac without losing connection for other programs. In parallel, you can start playback on another device.

Do not abuse this way, and to regularly listen to music on multiple devices, get a family account.

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