How to quickly charge your iPhone before you go to work

Often I forget to put the iPhone in the evening for charging, in the morning before going to work I do not have time to charge. How can I jar the iPhone as quickly as possible so that I can use a smartphone?
– Yana

Hello, Yana.

New models of iPhone 8 and iPhone X support fast charging. Since they are compatible adapter charged at 50% for about 30 minutes and 80% of almost one hour . In most cases, this will be enough for a full-time job.

Older models do not support fast charging, for maximum fast recharge will have to resort to special tricks.

1. Use a more powerful charger

Apple boxes the iPhone with weak charging, even the Apple USB Power Adapter 12W adapter from the iPad (model code MD836ZM-A ) can significantly shorten the charging time of the iPhone. The cost of the adapter is about 1,600 rubles.

2. Turn on Air Mode

So the smartphone will be charged more quickly with the full charge. Most of the energy is spent on transferring data over Wi-Fi and maintaining the signal of the cellular network. If you remove these two factors, the charging time will be shortened.

3. Turn on power save mode

If you need to use a smartphone during the morning, you can turn on the power saving mode. This will reduce the performance of the device, some services and network activity will be disabled.

Enable the power saving mode in the Settings – Battery menu , in addition, you can add a quick switch to enable the mode in the lower curtain ( Settings – Control item – Configure controls ).

In this mode, you can check mail, messengers or read news, but charging will be faster.

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