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Deripaska will leave the board of directors of “Rusal” because of US sanctions

He will not seek re-election to the company’s board.

Representatives of the company En +, which controls the assets of businessman Oleg Deripaska, said that the Russian billionaire refused to hold office on the board of directors of “Rusal”. Deripaska also will not claim a place in the new board of directors, which is the world’s second-largest aluminum producer to elect at the upcoming shareholders’ meeting.

Deripaska’s departure from Rusal’s board of directors can help lift the US sanctions imposed on her on April 6. US sanctions have become a big blow to the business of “Rusal”, and on April 16 its shares fell in price at the auction in Hong Kong to the historic low.

Despite the departure of Deripaska from the company, his property is about 48% of the shares of the company. Earlier, he stated that he intends to retain control over the company. At the same time, one of the main criteria for the lifting of sanctions was the transfer of control over Rusal.

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