Catch up and surpass Samsung

How Android fans responded to the iPhone 6’s output with an increased screen and Apple Watch

September 9, Apple showed at the presentation in Cupertino just three new devices: two smartphones of the new generation of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with enlarged screens and “smart watch” Apple Watch, positioned as a stylish and functional accessory.

Android fans criticized Apple for the position of the catch-up: on the Google platform long works a lot of fablets and large smartphones, and recently launched the operating system Android Wear for wearable devices. They were joined by fans of other platforms, including those who sympathized with Apple or owned its gadgets.

The main evangelist of Microsoft technologies in Russia, Mikhail Chernomordikov, was surprised that Apple became more friendly towards its viewers and journalists. If earlier the company sometimes did not even bother to organize video broadcast, now the presentation in Cupertino could be watched not only on media sites, but even through text chronicles with photos from company employees.

Apple is becoming a normal company – partnerships with “competitors”, own text translation, what’s next?

– Mik Chernomordikov (@mixen)September 9, 2014

The most noticeable drawback of new products from Apple – is the price: iPhones have never been so expensive, that here they are inopportunely for fans to “jump” all the other flagships from competing manufacturers. For Russia, the cost of the iPhone 6 in the minimum configuration will be 31,990 rubles, and the iPhone 6 Plus – 36,990 rubles. The “top” iPhone 6 Plus will cost 46,990 rubles. More expensive than the flagship competitors’ fables, says Eldar Murtazin, a leading analyst at Mobile Research Group.

IPhone 6+. This advantage is probably due to the fact that girls now not only have to pump it.

– Sergey D (@ sd0107)September 9, 2014

Note 4 can sleep peacefully – iPhone 6 plus from 36,990 rubles in Russia. iPhone 6 from 31,990 rubles. A little expensive, but sales will be at the first

– Eldar Murtazin (@eldarmurtazin)September 9, 2014

Large screen, which in the case of Samsung only lazy fan Apple did not call “shovel”, now became a competitive advantage of the iPhone itself. Will they still joke about the “shovels”, or the availability of a phablet in the smartphone line has become the de facto standard thanks to the efforts of Android manufacturers – time will tell.

Old jokes in a new way. It will be difficult for apologists to explain everything. RT@cherenkevich– Hello. Is it convenient for you to talk? – No. I have an iPhone 6 plus

– Megawatt Colorado! (@Alex_Shvarz)September 9, 2014

I remember how the users of the iphone proved that the Note pills are shovels. The huge iphone 6+ is higher by half a centimeter and it’s in absentia more convenient. well, OK

– Eldar Murtazin (@eldarmurtazin)September 10, 2014

It seems that now it is time for us to go to

– Smmsung Russia (@smm_sung)September 9, 2014

They made big screens when it was not fashionable

– Samsung Russia (@SamsungRu)September 10, 2014


Co-founder and TV presenter Boris Vedensky remembered Apple and a completely fresh scandal with the leak of photos of naked Hollywood stars through the hacking of their accounts in iCloud. By the way, the company representatives did not say a word about the leak – as if it were not there.

Touch ID now (in iOS 8) can be used in third-party applications. For example, send nude photos, yeah)

– Boris Vedensky (@vedensky)September 9, 2014

Wow-wow. Did Apple make a phone that can shoot a lot of self at once? They knew what to please their consumer.

– Smmsung Russia (@smm_sung)September 9, 2014

I’m sending greetings from my SGS5 camera to Apple phones 6 🙂 years later, they too

– Eldar Murtazin (@eldarmurtazin)September 9, 2014

During the presentation, Apple shamelessly kept silent about two things: iPods and the iPhone 5c with a color plastic case, released exactly a year ago. Judging by the sales figures, the iPhone 5c became a real failure for Apple  and an unpromising commodity category compared to the success of the iPhone 5s, and was not even worthy of a mention from Tim Cook. RIP

Have not provided a single new plastic iPhone. After the failure of 5c realized that the field of plastic phones with us to fight senselessly

– Smmsung Russia (@smm_sung)September 9, 2014

The leak about the possible emergence of a two-way USB cable was not confirmed, but the iPhone users themselves could not stand it: the eternal problem with the charging cable, which was rubbing at the base, was already taken out by Lightning.

Apple let’s fix the real

– Stephen (@Stephen_NJ)September 9, 2014

A separate portion of criticism touched “smart hours”: from Apple they expected at least a revolution, and objectively – an accessory that you want to buy here and now. Technologically, the fans of Android were not impressed, but since no one wanted to see the style and decorations of big players, here Apple has become almost the pioneer.

The main control element is the wheel. Modernization to innovation.

– Boris Vedensky (@vedensky)September 9, 2014

In Johnny Aiva, the great designer of plumbing is killed.

– Boris Vedensky (@vedensky)September 9, 2014

Eh, from the hours of Apple I was waiting for more, but maybe gold will save 🙁

– Megawatt Colorado! (@Alex_Shvarz)September 9, 2014

Frustrated Android users and the strange functionality of viewing photos on a small display, as well as using Siri for data entry. Siri, notorious for poor recognition of spoken language with an accent, has not yet learned to speak and understand in Russian – Apple has also tactfully ignored this.

Tell me why watch watches from an iPhone?

– Valery Istishev (@istishev)September 9, 2014

– Apple, tell me how much time? “Where?” – Where I am. – You are in Moscow. – And how much time in Moscow? – Moscow Russia or Moscow the USA?

– Sergey D (@ sd0107)September 9, 2014

Absolutely nothing was said by representatives of Apple and about the hours of work from charging.

By the way, pebbl styl, hike while the only hours that even a few days of charging hold. I’m still thinking about the choice, karoch.

– Igor Chelotkanov (@Ingvvi)September 9, 2014

It is very interesting that the clock epl for voice functions you need the Internet with an iPhone. Hi battery, you held to the end

– Eldar Murtazin (@eldarmurtazin)September 9, 2014

In the end, the surprise was caused by the sudden concert of U2 and the release of the new album “Songs of Innocence” free of charge for all users of the iTunes Store.

Well cho, who ran to buy a new album U2? They would have got Alla Pugachyov again.

– Kafka Federalizatsii (@kafka_chan)September 9, 2014

In general, fans of the mobile operating system from Google saw what they wanted to see. Apple is catching up with its competitors, releasing the same years after the same Samsung, which has taken the market and the phabetes, and the “smart hours” for several generations of gadgets.

It’s sad to see the coolest and most innovative company in the role of catch-up (and with difficulty). Well, all right, all comes to an end once.

– Unidentified person (@sult)September 9, 2014

As a result, Android won again: the existing smart drives will be redesigned, and on the part of smartphones Apple finally resigned to the role of catch-up.

– Kafka Federalizatsii (@kafka_chan)September 9, 2014

In general, Apple did not fail so badly, did it? Two shovels: sapper and shovel. A watch with a stopwatch is pretty. Normally performed.

– Sergey D (@ sd0107)September 9, 2014

But seriously, the unofficial slogan of Apple “You do not need it” can be changed to “we will give you this a couple of years after the competition.”

– Sergey D (@ sd0107)September 10, 2014

It remains to be counted on, that Tim Cook has beaten all so many, waiting for a convenient moment to show how to properly make gadgets – both “shovels” and “smart clocks”


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