Apple sued for slowing old iPhones

Claimants believe that this way the company forces them to buy new iPhones.

Residents of Los Angeles and Chicago filed several applications to Apple in court after the company’s recognition in understating the speed of the old iPhones. They require the company to compensate and stop this practice. This is reported 9To5Mac.

One of the lawsuits filed by a resident of Los Angeles and the owner of the iPhone 7 Stefan Bogdanovich (Stefan Bogdanovich). The man’s claim is that Apple decided to slow down the outdated iPhones to save battery life, but did not ask the consent of their customers. According to Bogdanovich, the company uses this function to force as many users to update smartphones every year. The man demands to stop the slowdown of the work of iPhones and compensate him for the money caused by the harm.

As noted in 9To5Mac, in his suit Bogdanovich slightly distorts the original words of the representative of Apple, while the statement does not mention the technical side of the issue and there is no information on the natural process of wear of lithium-ion batteries.

Another application for Apple filed five residents of Illinois, Ohio, Indiana and North Carolina, owning smartphones from iPhone 5 to iPhone 7. It is a group, and it can join other customers of the company. The plaintiffs said that Apple behaves “immoral, unethical and deceptive” and violates consumer protection laws. They also demanded compensation for damage, but did not specify a specific amount.

According to the claimants, the company designed iOS in such a way as to slow down the processors of the iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 (Apple in its application reported that it lowers the speed of iPhones only starting from the SE model, – .

December 21, Apple admitted that it artificially understates the speed of the old iPhones. The company explained this by taking care of users, but many smartphone owners saw it as a conspiracy to force them to switch to new iPhones every year. In the press, the situation was called Throttle Gate.


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