Apple: Copying from Samsung calls into question our innovativeness

In court, timed to a new high-profile patent litigation between Apple and Samsung, Apple’s senior vice president of marketing Phil Schiller said that copying Samsung questioned his company’s innovation in the eyes of potential buyers. This is reported by  CNET .

The speech of Phil Schiller at the trial of Apple against Samsung was held on April 1. In his speech, he adhered to the same positions as in November 2013, the previous patent dispute between the two companies.

Schiller is convinced that when developing the iPhone, the company took a big risk, and Samsung simply copied it.

I believe that this [copying] has damaged Apple’s position in the market. In the eyes of people, it has questioned our innovations and the role of Apple as an innovator. Phil Schiller

Samsung also made their bid in court that patents are essentially worthless, and Apple is more concerned not with them, but with the power of their competitors using the Android platform.

We will show you the internal documents of Apple, which have not become public until now. They show how much Apple is really concerned about competition from Android and especially Samsung. A new marketing strategy [Samsung] is driving Apple crazy. John Quinn, a lawyer at Samsung

Samsung’s lawyer told the jury that Phil Schiller is concerned about the advertising campaign of the Korean giant called “The Next Big Thing”. In recent years, Samsung has released a series of commercials that frankly denigrated the dignity of the iPhone. According to Quinn, Schiller even asked the head of Apple Tim Cook to change the advertising agency in order to respond more aggressively to Samsung’s attacks.

The new proceedings include seven patents. Apple is convinced that Samsung copied five of them, including technology, which finds the coordinates and phone numbers in the text, allowing them to be used immediately in their respective applications. In turn, Samsung plans to protect two patents, one of which, in its opinion, is used in the work of the Facetime service.

During the trial in November 2013, Schiller said that if the iPhone failed, it could be the end for Apple. In his opinion, the whole company was “put on” this product: a similar situation occurred with the iPad.

The court, which started on March 31, was another round of patent war between Apple and Samsung, which began in 2011, when the American company accused the Korean company of copying the iPhone, and in return received a counterclaim. In August 2012, Apple won the proceedings, and in November 2013, won in the court, which reviewed the size of payments. Samsung should Tim Cook company $ 1 billion, but at the moment the court is considering appeals of the Korean giant.


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