Apple admitted that it deliberately slows down the old iPhones

The company explained this by taking care of users.


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Apple responded to accusations of understating the speed of the old iPhones. The company admitted that it intentionally lowers the clock speed of the processors. About this Apple told in response to a request for publication TechCrunch.

The company explained that Apple’s goal is to provide users with “the best experience, including high performance and long life of their devices.” The understating speed of processors was explained by the nature of lithium-ion batteries, which are very short-lived and do not tolerate high and low temperatures.

Lithium-ion batteries dramatically lose capacity in cold conditions and over time store charge, which could cause devices to turn off unexpectedly to protect electronic components.

Last year, we added this [processor frequency reduction] feature for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and the iPhone SE to prevent unintentional trips. In the near future, it will appear on the iPhone 7 with the release of the update iOS 11.2.

from the Apple statement

Also, Apple representatives announced plans to add the feature to other products of the company in the future.

As the editor of TechCrunch Matthew Panzarino (Matthew Panzarino), this price Apple increases the battery life in iPhones: the smartphone limits the activity of the processor, so that it does not require a serious charge of energy. In most cases, the decrease in the clock frequency of the chip will remain inconspicuous for users, since this is more about the tasks for which serious computing resources are needed.

December 11 at Reddit noticed that the old iPhones begin to work faster after replacing the battery. The user of the site with the nickname TeckFire checked the same model of the smartphone with the old battery and with the new one in the synthetic tests and came to the conclusion that Apple artificially understates the speed of the old devices. He immediately noted that the company does this not just so, but that the iPhone keeps the battery charge throughout the day.

In February 2017, Western media paid attention to the update of iOS 10.2.1, which eliminated the involuntary disconnection of the iPhone 6s. However, Apple did not say that the problem is solved by lowering the speed of the processors.


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