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An application has been released that allows you to play on the smartphone in games from Steam

The beta version of the Steam Link application from Valve appeared in the Google Playapp store . With the help of it gamers will be able to play on the mobile device in computer games from their Steam account. More precisely, they will be able to broadcast the game process from the computer to smartphones and tablets. But in some games without special Android-compatible gamepads can not do.

The app is compatible with Android devices 5.0 and up. Do not forget that this is only a beta version so far. Therefore, it may not work correctly. The version for iOS is still delayed.

It is reported that the smartphone should either be directly connected to a computer-donor, or connected to the same Wi-Fi network at a frequency of 5 GHz. And because mobility is quite limited: you can play in the cell phone in the toilet or already lying in bed before going to bed. The game will be broadcast on a smartphone in a resolution of 1080p. More powerful systems can count on 4K at 60 FPS.

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