Add VIP-contacts in the mail of the iPhone, so as not to miss their letters

The standard email client in iOS has a convenient tool for quickly searching for important emails. On any iPhone and iPad, you can mark one or several contacts as VIP (very important persons).

Access to messages from such contacts will be simplified.

Why add VIP contacts?

After adding a contact to the VIP group, it will be displayed in the special widget of the Mailapplication or in the 3D-Touch menu.

A special folder in the application / widget / 3D-Touch menu will allow you to quickly view emails from all contacts from the group.

For the VIP group, you can configure a unique style of notifications, which will differ from the basic settings of the mail client.

How to enable VIP group mapping

To begin with, add a new section for letters from VIP. For this you need:

1. Go to the main screen in the Mail application .

2. Click the Edit button in the upper right corner.

3. Mark the VIP folder and click Finish.

Now all letters from VIP-contacts can be easily found in a separate folder.

How to add a contact to the VIP group

To add a contact, you need to find any letter where the future VIP is the sender or recipient and go to the contact card.

A special menu item allows you to add a contact to the group.

You can add or remove contacts through the menu in the VIP section on the main screen of the Mail application .

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