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About how a couple of brave cyclists fleeing from the train

Two bicyclists from Volta-Redonda decided to drive along the railway tunnel, however, realizing what they had planned, a train that had flown from the dark noticed in time. In a panic they tried to escape: one on a bicycle, and the second running, leaving his steel friend in the dark. Both were lucky, and the brave ones got out of the tunnel a few seconds before the appearance of the locomotive.


Experienced stress did not stop reckless brave ones: unexpectedly for themselves they immediately tried to do the same, and they succeeded. Along the way, the friends grabbed the abandoned bicycle and, moving along the sleepers, quickly reached the other end of the tunnel.

One of the cyclists who survived this adventure, Jedson Gil Miranda, already commented on his deed, calling it “an animal impulse,” and advised no one else to do so, because this is a “high and unnecessary risk”

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