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A trip in the Elon trailer The musk near Los Angeles will cost $ 1

Elon Musk held a reporting event for his The Boring Company, which revealed a little more details about the functioning of the future transport network. In particular, it became known that the trips would cost $ 1 for passengers, and up to 16 people in one caravan.

In addition, Ilon Musk criticized Uber’s plans to create an air taxi. In his opinion, it is impossible to create such a quiet air transport, which will not irritate and disturb people on the ground. While underground transport will have a minimal impact on what is above the surface.

Eventually, Musk wants to connect large cities with a network of underground tunnels. Trolleys on them will travel at speeds of up to 500 km / h, while city and commuter trains The Boring Company will drive at speeds up to 240 km / h.

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