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This robot lets out thorns when to it it is terrible, and when he experiences excitement or delight, it has shivers. A small robot , who knows how to express his emotions, not only through facial expressions, but also in other ways, was created by researchers from Cornell University.

Scientists under the leadership of Guy Hoffman have developed a device, inventing a new way of interacting people with technology.

“Analysis of human communication with robots shows that the more gestures and tactile responses the manipulator has, the closer it turns out to people. This behavior of robots has a psychological effect on man: they are perceived no longer as machines, but as more familiar and animated creatures, “the researchers reported.

The robot’s covering resembles the skin of an octopus: when it is in danger, thorns protrude on it. But when the robot experiences positive emotions, it is covered with goosebumps, like people.

The robot coating has different structures from a pressure sensitive elastomer controlled by a computer. In addition to the appearance of creeps, the facial expression of the robot also changes, helping people better understand his emotions.


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