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A report about the drug farm was animated by a guy jumping from the chambers with a pot

A young man carrying a pot with an unidentified deciduous plant was in the frame of a reportage on the capture of cannabis farmers. Seeing the camera, the guy abruptly fled.

The incident occurred during a direct switch-on. KMTV correspondent Cameron Tucker (Cameron Tucker), a leading reporter, was slightly taken aback by the sight of a stranger who promptly left the frame.
The report was dedicated to the Hartley family farm, on the ground of which the police found 88 cannabis bushes. The spouses pleaded guilty to producing preparations of class B (strong substances). The court sentenced the couple to a 22-month prison sentence and 150 hours of community service. According to the journalist’s report, all neighbors knew about the illegal “garden” of Hartley, but did nothing.

Most viewers decided that a young man with a flower is a dummy actor, designed to revive the local television broadcast. However, Tucker argues that the case is genuine and, in his opinion, the behavior of the guy is not at all suspicious, but rather dictated by embarrassment at the sight of television cameras.

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