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A man has served 17 years for a murder that he did not commit (3 photos + video)

A New Yorker, John Bunn, won the recognition of innocence in a murder he did not commit, but served 17 years in prison for him. In 1991, police officers Rolando Neisher and Robert Croeson became participants in the shootout, Crawson was wounded, and his friend was killed. The wounded policeman said that they were attacked by teenagers, investigating the case was engaged in detective Louis Scarchella. As it turned out later, he falsified the evidence to send an innocent teenager behind bars.

Bann was released in 2009, founded an organization to protect prisoners and began to seek recognition of his innocence. The case of Bann was raised only in 2016. It turned out that the court did not take into account many shortcomings. For example, a mismatch of fingerprints, besides, a wounded policeman spoke of white guys about 20 years old, and in the dock was a black boy and his friend. And Louis Scarchella slipped the surviving police officer Robert Croson photos of the accused.

As a result, John Banna was found not guilty, after which all burst into tears, and the judge struggled to keep back tears. It turned out that Louis Scarchella constantly used “false and misleading methods” and through his fault other innocent people were sent behind bars. A further 70 cases are being prepared for revision, in the disclosure of which the detective participated.

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