5 unknown iPhone chips that you really need

In search of interesting information on the network, I always come across unconventional tricks for working with the iPhone. Moreover, in our experiments with iOS we at and ourselves constantly find unusual chips of the system.

For example, not so long ago I already told you how I know who is calling without getting the iPhone out of my pocket. To do this, I arbitrarily divided the selected subscribers into groups and assigned each a unique vibration.

And today I’ve identified 5 unknown iPhone chips that you probably do not know. Some of them Apple can cover at any time, so try as soon as possible .

1. How to arrange icons on your home screen in your own way

Now you can arrange icons on the iPhone home screen at will. I advise you to leave the top of the interface free, and move everything to the bottom edge to reach them was more convenient.

Step 1. Enter the screen editing mode and move to the last available screen on the right, which has no applications, and make a screenshot.

Step 2. Click the link through Safari.

Step 3. Open Create BLANK icons and upload the resulting screenshot to the site via Add.

Step 4. Select the location of the icon that you want to replace with an empty application grid.

Step 5. Go to the Safari Advanced Actions menu and select “Home”.

Step 6. Repeat this procedure as many times as many icons you want to replace with blank ones.

Of course, those are still dances with a tambourine, and on Android in this procedure there would be nothing at all complicated. Nevertheless, it really helps you to use the iPhone more conveniently.

2. How to download applications more than 150 MB via mobile Internet

Very strange, but you can not download more than 150 MB from the App Store via mobile Internet. Given the speed of LTE and the volume tariff plans, this misunderstanding looks really annoying. But there is a solution.

Step 1. Find the required application in the App Store for more than 150 MB.

Step 2. Try to install it and confirm your intention with a password, Touch ID or Face ID.

Step 3. Click “Ok” when the App Store informs you that it can not download the application via the mobile Internet.

Step 4. Make sure that the game or program is on the home screen in standby mode.

Step 5. Go to Settings> General> Date and Time and turn off the Automatic slider.

Step 6. Set the time for a few days ahead and make sure that the application has started downloading.

Yes, this is a simple method works even in iOS 11.3. At least I personally tried it on my iPhone 7, my wife’s iPhone 8 Plus and even my mother’s iPhone 5s. The flight is normal.

3. How to quickly translate any web page on the Internet

If you use Google Chrome only because this application can translate sites from English and other languages, I have great news for you. The same thing you can do in Safari.

Step 1. Download the Microsoft Translator application in the App Store via the link .

Step 2. Go to the site you want to translate.

Step 3. Go to the Safari Advanced Actions menu and select More.

Step 4. Put the switch near the Microsoft Translator in the active position.

Step 5. Select Microsoft Translator and wait for the translation.

The application works just fine, never encountered any difficulties in translation. And you can change additional settings directly through the program itself. For example, here there is a choice of the translation language for Safari.

4. How to add new notes without unlocking the iPhone

I advise you to ALWAYS write down your interesting thoughts in “Notes” of your iPhone. You can very quickly forget about them, and this application will not let you do it. Moreover, I know how to do it as quickly as possible.

Step 1. Go to “Settings”> “Control point”> “Configure items. and add the “Notes” item.

Step 2. Go to Settings> Notes> Notes to Lock. > Always create a new note.

Step 3. Lock the iPhone, unlock it, go to “Control Point” and click on the “Notes” icon.

Step 4. The menu for creating a new note will open, enter it and click “Finish”.

Moreover, if you click on the icon with an effort, go to the additional menu, through which you can also create a “New Checklist”, “New Sketch” and so on. It’s very fast and convenient.

5. How to format text for almost any application

Not all applications have the ability to format text. For example, it is partially allowed to do Telegram and WhatsApp, but does not allow the same Instagram. What to do?

Step 1. Download the Textlicious application in the App Store via the link .

Step 2. Write text anywhere you like.

Step 3. Copy the text or open the additional actions menu and select Textlicious.

Step 4. Select the style, the text with the formatting will be saved in the clipboard, and you can paste it into the application.

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