5 unknown iPhone chips that can not be skipped

You warmly met the previous topic with unknown iPhone chips, so we continued to search for the most unusual and most useful features of the device.

Some of the methods of work we were advised by you, the readers of , to the part we got by trial and error, and the remaining 99% found on the profile spaces of the network.

Today we have allocated 5 iPhone chips, which you do not know for sure . They will make working with the device more convenient and productive.

1. Quickly navigate through the work menu with text

If not the first day on the iPhone, just opened the menu of additional actions with the selected text.

Usually from here it can be cut or copied, as well as its basic formatting, found in the built-in explanatory dictionary of iOS, share and so on.

The set of features depends on the application you are using. If there are more than 3-4, they are divided into several menus, between which you can switch using the small arrows on the left and right.

Few people know that this can also be done with conventional svaypov on this menu from left to right and right to left. So much faster and more convenient.

2. Change the order of auto-connect to Wi-Fi networks

Automatic connection to one of the available and known smartphone Wi-Fi can be wildly annoying if you now need another network. But this does not happen in a random way, but in the order of a strict hierarchy.

Wi-Fi Connection Hierarchy:

  1. The network with the highest rank
  2. The freshest of private networks
  3. Another private network
  4. Public network

The other day Apple explained the situation regarding the ranks of Wi-Fi networks with the help of an official support section. If you switch to one of the networks manually, its rank grows. If you disconnect from the network, it drops.

It turns out, the more often you connect to the necessary Wi-Fi, the higher the probability of automatically catching it.

Note, if you want the iPhone never to connect to a specific Wi-Fi network, go to the additional data menu about it and select “Forget this network”.

3. Determine the type of iPhone by its model number

When you buy an iPhone from your hands or at an unofficial Apple store, you can run into a rebuilt device (not even a new one).

Practice shows that Refurbished-smartphones have a higher percentage of marriage, but there is no official information about this. The main thing is that such iPhone should be cheaper.

To find out if the new device is in your hands or restored, go to Settings> General> About This Device and pay attention to the “Model” line.

Determine the type of iPhone by the first letter of the model number:

  • M – a completely new device that was not repaired under warranty, did not restore
  • F – officially restored iPhone (Refurbished), repaired by order of Apple on Foxconn or Pegatron
  • N – a smartphone that was changed by a service warranty program
  • P – personalized device (with engraving)

Two letters at the end of the model number indicate the country for which the iPhone is intended: RU for Russia, LL for the US, FS (mine) for Finland.

If your iPhone is designed for RF, you can qualify for 2 years of warranty service.

4. Upload images without restrictions in Safari

Usually, to load a picture through Safari, you need to clamp it and select the option “Save Image.” Nevertheless, on some pages in the network it is intentionally closed with software.

For example, on the Instagram website, you can not normally download an image you like. Therefore, many simply make it a screenshot and are content with the hideous quality of the image. But there is another way.

You can download the image using the Safari extension , which shows the source code of the page. I recommend View Source .

Select it in the menu of additional operations with the page in the browser, go to the Assets menu, which shows all the files on the site, find the image and click Save.

5. Find the built-in iPhone explanatory dictionary

Few people know that each iPhone has a built-in explanatory dictionary that will help you learn the meaning of the word.

You can activate the dictionary in two ways:

  • Simply enter a word in the Spotlight menu and select it from the dictionary menu
  • Select a word on the site, in notes or in another place, select the “Find” option and click on the dictionary

iPhone will talk about different meanings of the word and give examples of its use.

Some words can also be translated from Russian into English and vice versa. To do this, you usually need to select another dictionary, which, for example, is hidden behind the “Show more” button in the Spotlight menu.

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