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“VKontakte” announced the algorithm “Nemesis” to combat communities that steal content

Those who violated the rules are threatened with sanctions: from warning to total denial of monetization.

In “VKontakte” there will be an algorithm “Nemesis” to fight against communities that steal someone else’s unique content. Any user will be able to complain about a secondary image or recording. Representatives of the social network told about it at the VK Media Day conference.

As they told in VKontakte, for protection from Nemesis, communities should create new content, post it earlier than on other platforms, specify authors, complain about theft and respond to warnings from the administration.


After the “Nemesis” receives a complaint from the user, the moderators check the material and, if the theft takes place, issue a warning. In the case of repeated warnings, sanctions will be followed until the monetization is turned off.

Together with “Nemesis” VKontakte will begin a new era of protection of unique content. Communities that do not respect someone else’s work and abuse borrowings will not be able to advance and earn on our platform.

Alexander Kruglov
marketing director “VKontakte”

The launch of “Nemesis” was scheduled for June 15, but on June 1 VKontakte will start collecting complaints about the stolen content.

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