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The Russian embassy in the US was outraged by the Washington Examiner with an appeal to blow up the Crimean bridge

Diplomats called the material an attempt to worsen relations between Ukraine and Russia.

Screenshot of Washington Examiner article

In the embassy of the Russian Federation in the US they demanded an explanation from an American newspaper Washington Examiner about the article with an appeal to blow up the newly opened Crimean bridge. Diplomats said that freedom of speech “can not serve as an excuse for calling for the killing of people.”

The embassy statement said that the article was regarded as an attempt to incite hatred between Ukraine and Russia, which entails criminal punishment.

Such publications do not fit into any framework of journalistic ethics. We expect the Washington Examiner to explain how this material reflects its editorial policy.

Embassy of the Russian Federation in the USA

On May 15, Washington Examiner published a column of journalist Tom Rogan titled “Ukraine should blow up the Crimean bridge of Putin.” The author noted that even a partial “destruction of the bridge” will show that the Ukrainian side is not ready for the “expansion of Vladimir Putin.”

Movement on the Crimean bridge was opened on May 16 – vehicles went both from the side of the peninsula, and from the mainland.

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