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The Russian Embassy in Japan likes to communicate on Twitter. With the help of memes and jokes about schoolchildren

The authors argue with subscribers about the history and suggest that they save themselves from brainwashing.

Embassy of Russia in Japan. Getty Photos
Embassy of Russia in Japan. Getty Photos

Journalist Alexei Kovalev drew attention to the Twitter account of the Russian Embassy in Japan, which often answers questions from users. It is not known whether one of the diplomats leads it on site or a separate SMM-box, but it is exactly different from other official profiles.

The authors of tweets like to argue with subscribers about politics. For example, the embassy responded to a question about Soviet troops in Japan during the Second World War.

“Russia, which lost in the Second World 27 million people directly concerned. Undoubtedly, ignorance is unacceptable here. Please study history ”
Or about how information differs on Russian and Western television.

“The answer is simple. It is necessary that you like and you have learned something different from the information that you put into the brain by Western media ”
In general, the theme of brainwashing – favorite Twitter at the Russian Embassy, ​​the authors wrote about it at least twice more. And most often just to get out of the conversation.

“Since we do not have time to respond to every crank, whose brains are regularly washed, we ask that we understand and forgive”

Информация о рекламе в Твиттере и конфиденциальность
“Brainwashing is too high”
Another example of a sharp communication between the embassy and users is a joke about the fact that the subscriber needs to do homework in the school.

This conversation is for those who graduated from school – here you finish and address. Tomorrow, probably, it’s too early to get up early, maybe you’ll take on your homework? ”
When the authors of the account do not want to respond with words, they use memes or frames from movies. Especially SMM-box likes Transformers and Robert De Niro.

Russian embassies quite often become heroes of news because of their social networks. The diplomatic mission in the UK published a photo of Everest in Russia, in the US – offered to vote on which consulate to close, and in London – used a screenshot from the game Command & Conquer.

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