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The failed GLONASS satellite was brought back to life

The navigation satellite Glonass-M No. 734, which failed last month, was able to be restored. This is reported by the network publication “RIA Novosti”, referring to the statements of Nikolai Testoyedov, the general director of the company “ISS” named after Academician MF. Reshetnev, the manufacturer of Glonass devices.


Recall that the problems with the device Glonass-M No. 734 arose in mid-April, and the withdrawal of the satellite from the GLONASS system was announced at the end of last month. The current status of this unit indicates that it is on maintenance. But in the near future the satellite should return to the system.

” We were able to restore it. Now he is on and will collect statistics for eight days in order to enter the grouping. There was a failure on one of the systems, but we found how to parry the problem, “Mr. Testoyedov said.

Despite the restoration of the working capacity of the device, it will be replaced by a new satellite, the launch of which is scheduled for June 17. After the entry of this device into the GLONASS grouping, the GLONASS-M satellite # 734 will be put into the orbital reserve.

It is important to note that Glonass-M No. 734 worked in orbit for nine years instead of the calculated seven. By the way, now the GLONASS group has a total of 25 satellites, of which 23 are used for their intended purpose.

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