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The Chinese school established a face recognition system to calculate distracted students

No more attempts to take a nap during the lesson.

Photos People's Daily
Photos People’s Daily

In the middle school of Hangzhou , an experimental “behavior management system in the classroom” was set up, which includes the recognition of students’ faces. Thus, the management decided to monitor how concentrated they are during the lessons.

While the system is installed only in one class, but by the summer of 2018 it is planned to expand it to the entire educational institution. The technology is three cameras above the board, which can determine a person’s state of expression: sadness, joy, frustration, fright, surprise, anger and neutral behavior. If one of the students is distracted by the lesson, the teacher will be notified.

According to the director of the school, Ni Ziyuan, the new system does not violate the privacy of schoolchildren in any way. He added that the system will divide the students into two groups: the concentrated ones will be labeled with the letter “A”, and the distracted ones will be marked with the letter “B”. Some students have already conducted lessons under the supervision of cameras with face recognition.

Earlier in the classes that I do not like, I could be lazy or even take a nap on the desk. But right now I can not get distracted because there are cameras in the class. They constantly watch me, like a pair of mysterious eyes.

one of the pupils of the school
In China, it is expected that the system will help improve the quality of teaching in schools.

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