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Spotify stylized advertising under the fake trailers of the horror and action movie

When the car chase turns into a joint performance of the song Miley Cyrus.

The company Spotify in the advertising of the renewed service Freemium has presented two commercials under the names “Uzhastik” and “Pogonya”. The campaign entitled “Love What You Love” (“Love What You Love”) aims to familiarize users with new features of the service.

The first video shows a typical horror film with the participation of a group of young people living in the mansion. In the story, before them suddenly appears a decrepit mannequin with long arms, when someone turns on the song of Havana of the American-Cuban singer Kamila Cabello. At the end of the video slogan is shown: “Killer songs, before which you can not resist.”

In the second clip there is a car chase involving several police cars. However, the storyline is interrupted when one of its participants hears that the song of Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball is playing in another car. The video ends with the joint performance of the composition and the slogan: “Love the song you love”.

The commercials are planned to be shown in cinemas and on television in 12 countries, where the service is most popular: USA, UK, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

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