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Search in the house of businessman Nikita Kolesnikov (3 photos)

Looking at these photos, you might think that they were made in a museum, but it is not so, although the museum here is exactly involved. This footage from a search in the mansion of businessman Nikita Kolesnikov, the founder of the group of companies Rospan, who was detained together with former deputy minister of culture Grigory Pirumov. Investigators suspect them of appropriating 450 million rubles allocated for the construction of new complexes of the Hermitage.

In 2016, Pirumov was a figurant of the criminal case of fraud. He was accused of organizing an organized crime group, which concluded state contracts for restoration work at inflated prices, and appropriated part of the money.

Pirumova was found guilty and sentenced to a term of imprisonment of 1.5 years. This term, the former deputy minister spent time in jail, and therefore was released right in the courtroom. The investigators did not arrange such a verdict and they continued to dig under the ex-official.

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